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Mike Zimmer on Nick Bosa’s hit to Brian O’Neill: “They said it was a cheap shot, which, I think it was”

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Not sure how cheap it was.

Was Nick Bosa’s hit Brian O’Neill on a cheap shot? Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer thinks so.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Minnesota Vikings in an impressive fashion, but the Vikings were in the thick of things until one play turned things around: a Richard Sherman interception. During the return, Bosa laid a hit on the Vikings right tackle and was flagged for a blindside block.

“I didn’t see the hit,” Zimmer said in his press conference. “I just heard it. They said it was a cheap shot, which, I think it was.”

O’Neill did not return to the game and went through concussion protocol.

It wasn’t just Zimmer, the Vikings bench was infuriated by the hit on O’Neill.

I have the play below. From this point, it looks fair to flag Bosa, but to call the play dirty or cheap seems like a bit of a stretch. He’ll definitely be looking to a fine this week from the league for the block.

Do you think this was a dirty play? Was Bosa’s hit on O’Neill a cheap shot?