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Chiefs-Texans AFC Divisional open thread

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This should be a good one

Well today we can watch football without rain clouds over us. With the 49ers’ win over the Minnesota Vikings, we get to watch some good football and not get disappointed

The second AFC divisional is about to get going with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Houston Texans. This has potential to be a fun game, but it also could get ugly with Chiefs’ offensive explosion capabilities.

The Texans had a huge win last week over the Buffalo Bills. A game you could argue the Bills lost more than the Texans won. The Chiefs are the AFC’s No. 2 seed and coming off a bye so they are rested up. Their defense has quietly gotten a surge as well.

This will be our open thread for the game today. Then comes the NFC divisional where we see who the 49ers play in the NFC Championship.

Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City MO
Game time: Sunday, January 12, 12:00 P.M., PT
TV channel: CBS
Announcers: Jim Nantz, Tony Romo