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Injury updates: Kittle misses practice with “ankle soreness”

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Dee Ford won’t practice today; Kwon Alexander limited

Divisional Round - Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle’s update 3:07 p.m.: The 49ers released the official injury report, and TE George Kittle didn’t practice due to “ankle soreness,” the team said. He was in the locker room without a limp, so this is likely the team being cautious with an injury that has bothered Kittle dating back to Halloween. It will take a lot more than soreness to keep Kittle out of an NFC Championship game.

Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media late Wednesday morning to give a few updates, and my takeaway was, “Wow, these questions are really bad.” With the San Francisco 49er’s success, more and more media are showing up to the press conferences and asking some...interesting...questions. There was about two minutes’ worth of New England Patriots and how they helped Jimmy Garoppolo questions, as well as, for whatever reason, questions about Jimmy G’s ACL injury. To his credit, Garoppolo answered each question in-depth. One answer was, “Blessing in disguise. We got Bosa out of it, so it’s a good trade-off, I guess.” It’s odd, and there’s no way these guys have any clue about San Francisco. One person asked Shanahan if he’s worried about the players getting in trouble and being distracted from outside events. Seriously. Rant over.

Shanahan said edge rusher Dee Ford won’t practice on Wednesday. Linebacker Kwon Alexander will be limited. There were no setbacks for either player; this is more of a maintenance issue, and the staff protecting the two. Ford didn’t do much leading up to the game last week, and he played 48% of the snaps and came out of the game healthy. There’s no reason to change that up. If Ford didn’t practice the next three weeks, that’d be fine. Here is how the practice report will look:

DNP: Dee Ford (quad/hamstring)

Limited: Kwon Alexander (pec)

Full: RB Tevin Coleman, RB Raheem Mostert

Shanahan compared the 49ers to the Golden State Warriors in terms of anyone can emerge as a star. “You’ve got an MVP, a defensive MVP, guys who don’t care how it gets done, they just go out there and ball.” The Warriors, like the Niners, also have the luxury of a field full of really, really good players.

Shanahan praised Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “There’s probably not anyone on the planet that throws better than. him.” Shanahan gushed about Rodgers’s arm talent, which is pretty insane. Rodgers’ touch down the field and ability to process what the defense is doing to get his offense in the right situation is pretty impressive. More on that tomorrow.