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What worries you most about the Packers?

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The Niners Nation staff discusses.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

No predictions from us these past couples of weeks because we all are expecting to win. Instead, I asked some of the guys what worries them the most about the Green Bay Packers.


I’m not too worried about Rodgers as most are. Not because I don’t think he’s a good quarterback, but because of his surrounding parts and how they match up with the San Francisco 49ers. The nerds will tell you momentum doesn’t exist because there’s no way for them to calculate it, but anyone that’s played a pickup game or intramural knows it’s real. That’s what scares me about this game. Like in Week 9, when Weston Richburg went out and the next series, a bad snap cost the Niners. A drastic turn of events would be my lone worry.

El Pato:

I think I’ll go with the obvious answer: Aaron Rodgers. I know that he’s slowed down, and his numbers have gone down a tick. Even I think he might be a tad overrated when you look at who he needed to get a Super Bowl with. Regardless, He’s still a Hall of Fame quarterback, and he will make a team pay for making mistakes. That said, I really don’t want to have to hear about how great Aaron Rodgers is for two weeks. He is the reason I have concerns about this game. The rest of the Packers don’t concern me.

Joe the Wizard

I think we are by far the superior team, but the first quarter of the Kansas City Chief’s game last weekend showed me how fast a game could get out of hand no matter how good your team is. Watching them go down by 24 points in the first quarter was humbling. I don’t know if we would be able to recover from something like that. I highly doubt LaFleur gives us the ball on their 35-yard line. Being the better team does not always win games.

Jeff Medina

If we’re talking about players, the obvious answer is Aaron Rodgers, or maybe the two Smiths - Preston and Za’Darius. But for me, it’s not a player that worries me the most. It’s turnovers. The 49ers defense is now back at full strength, and I just don’t see the Packers offense being able to sustain long scoring drives. Their only hope is for the 49ers offense to make mistakes and turn the ball over deep in their territory.

I have no doubt that Shanahan has been emphasizing that exact point this week to Jimmy Garoppolo and the offensive skill players, and we can only hope that they take the message to heart. Because, in my opinion, the Packers can’t beat the 49ers this Sunday. The 49ers can only beat themselves.