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How the 49ers Built a Super Bowl Defense

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Alex is back with another great video

The 49ers defense is going to win them the Super Bowl. There, I said it. The team has built a complete unit with talent at every level, a devastating pass rush, linebackers that can play all over the field, and two safeties that can line up anywhere. The offensive side of the ball gets all the praise for its’ flexibility, but the DEFENSE is just as versatile, if not more so. Bosa, Armstead, Buckner, and Ford can all play inside or out, Fred Warner can play man or zone, cover tight ends, running backs and even wide receivers, and safeties Jaquaski Tartt and Jimmy Ward can align anywhere you want them to. The 49ers have designed a defense using three crucial elements: design and disguise, front four firepower, and positional versatility.

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