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Super Bowl bound! Celebrate the 49ers NFC Championship with new merch!

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What a performance. The San Francisco 49ers are NFC Champions. Say that out loud. It feels great. A dominant three quarters that saw Aaron Rodgers not reach 100 yards until the middle of the third quarter may have been an even better performance than the lights out one we saw a week ago against the Vikings. Raheem Mostert ran for a billion yards and scored four times. Deebo Samuel ran over multiple defenders, and the offensive line paved the way.

The defense got a bit sloppy, but Aaron Rodgers made a few nice throws down the field to make it interesting. That ended up being too much to overcome, as San Francisco raced out to a 34-7 lead. Seeing Mike Shanahan present the trophy to his son Kyle after the game was incredible. That’s something you remember for the rest of your life.

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