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Chiefs-Titans AFC Championship open thread

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49ers are on later.

Anticipation for games like these is horrible, but you just gotta wait a few more hours. We have the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Green Bay Packers in a few hours. Right now, it’s the AFC Championship with the Tennessee Titans traveling to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Whoever wins this will be representing the AFC and facing the winner of 49ers-Packers.

The safe pick here is the Kansas City Chiefs who have homefield advantage and Pat Mahomes, but the Titans have Derick Henry who has been making a name for himself in the playoffs. Ryan Tannehill has also been playing well and shedding the negative impression many may have had on his abilities in Miami.

I can’t shake the fact that there is an upset waiting in one of these two games, and I think it’s the Titans. The Chiefs aren’t going to get away with getting into 24-point holes if they want to finish out the postseason (so watch, they do).

Honestly, hot take here, if the 49ers beat the Packers, I’d think they could handle either team. We’re a ways away from that so let’s watch this game then countdown the biggest game of the Kyle Shanahan era thus far.