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Colin Cowherd makes another good take on Jimmy Garoppolo

Yes, some of us are not down on him, but he’s been on a roll in recent weeks

Yes, I know Colin Cowherd isn’t the most popular personality, but every once in a while, he makes a good point or an analogy I can firmly get behind. This one is on Jimmy Garoppolo.

Here’s the thing about Jimmy Garoppolo. I have compared his 2019 season to other quarterbacks in his position years before (Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, etc.), and I’ve shown he either is on par or better than they were back when their careers began. Yet, there are still excuses on how he plays; his turnovers everything.

My comment: stop it. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t going to be a Hall of Famer in his first season starting. Half his season, he came back from an ACL tear, and the other half he’s been growing in the position. He’s helped orchestrate deficit-ending drives, played clutch in the final minutes, and led his team through 17 games. The players love him. I don’t need to link any article for that either; it’s been well reported.

And yet everyone wants to say the moments get too big or he’s going to piss himself or whatnot. He doesn’t throw for 300 yards because the 49ers don’t need him to. And when they do, he wins. It’s that simple. He throws picks because of inexperience, not because of bad play. Ryan Fitzpatrick makes bonehead picks—now that is where you can be concerned. Garoppolo? If he did this in his fifth season under Shanahan, then yes, but it’s his first full season.

Anyways, Cowherd had a segment where he compared Garoppolo to an outdated iPhone saying the iPhone gets everything done that he needs but won’t “make a bagel.” I know that Cowherd sometimes can do things to get people talking, but this is a take where he is really on point. My comment to anyone saying Garoppolo is going to be terrible is, “Every quarterback was there at one point their career.” Whatever some people want from him, I may never know.