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Death by a thousand cuts could be the story for the Packers defense

Jason joins us once more

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49er Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Jason from Acme Packing joins us once again to discuss who wins today and what about the San Francisco 49ers does he think will give the Green Bay Packers the most trouble. Let’s start there.

What about the 49ers do you think will give the Packers the most trouble?

Jason: Though the 49ers can generate huge gains off play-action, their multifaceted run game could cripple the Packers defense. Green Bay has struggled against the run most of the season, and even their improvement the last month or so only brings them closer to league average. San Francisco doesn’t need much from Jimmy Garoppolo if it can establish an early lead and funnel the offense through Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, and the rest of a deep and talented backfield.

KP: I see the team speed on both sides of the ball, overwhelming the Packers. Even though Green Bay lives in a sub-package that features six defensive backs, it’s still tough to be in position with all the pre-snap motion the 49ers use on offense. Play-action crossing routes will be the name of the game today, as well the 49ers running backs getting to the second level. On the other side of the ball, swarming Aaron Jones and limiting his yards after contact will be critical, but gang tackling has been the strength of this defense all season. The Packers wideouts have struggled to separate all season, and that should continue Sunday.

Who wins this game and why?

Jason: The 49ers hold most of the meaningful advantages save for quarterback. Few would feel surprised if Rodgers took over the game and will the Packers to victory over a superior opponent. However, San Francisco has so many ways of winning this contest, while Green Bay possesses relatively few. Add in the home-field advantage, and this decides for me: a victory for the 49ers.

KP: I like the 49ers 27-13. The Packers likely won’t give up the same big plays they did in Week 12. I can see them being much better on defense this time around. Still, it’s been proven difficult to keep the Niners under three touchdowns in a game. The offense has been that efficient this season. I don’t see San Francisco scoring 30, but I don’t see Green Bay getting three scores, either. A reverse, a slot fade, and a couple of Jones runs could put them in position, but history also shows if Aaron Rodgers turns it over in the playoffs, that happens on the road. I think the turnover from the quarterback that’s been there is the difference.