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Darrelle Revis calls out Richard Sherman after NFC Championship game; Sherman responds

This is about as epic as you could think.

It’s easy to point the finger at the person who sealed the deal for the San Francisco 49ers to go to Super Bowl LIV, and that’s Richard Sherman with his interception to let the 49ers go into victory formation. Well, Darrelle Revis is still going to criticize him.

The former NFL cornerback called out Richard Sherman’s play on Twitter mostly on how he was a zone cornerback. Revis went on to say Sherman hid behind a cover-3 zone. As you might expect, it wasn’t long until Sherman responded and we got social media gold:

As of this writing, Revis ended things with a few more tweets trying to calm things down and talk of how he was looking forward to the matchup. Here’s the two most notable:

Revis and Sherman have played against each other. The matchup that comes to mind would be Super Bowl XLIX when the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks after this epic play. Though the interception wasn’t recorded by Revis

Richard Sherman may have to cover, but Revis isn’t the one that should be telling him this. There’s been plenty of criticism on 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and his gameplan on Sunday did add a few moments of nail biting since Green Bay had Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball and it’s fair because of that, you could think the Packers were getting back into it. Looking ahead, the same situation is there with the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. With him they have shown they could gash out of any deficit.

There’s no need to go into a man vs. zone debate in this post...but we can always put it in the comments! What do you think of this back and forth?