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Wikipedia edit has Raheem Mostert listed as the king of Green Bay

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Gotta love the Wiki

Wikipedia has given San Francisco 49ers fans some great memories with their random (READ: False) edits. For starters, they were having all sorts of fun with former 49ers general manager Trent Baalke back in the day and later listed Jed York as “Niners Kliier”. Well an editor is at it again, this time establishing a Monarchy in Green Bay Wisconsin:

Hail, King Raheem. His majesty now lives in a realm of cheese and sub-zero temperatures. What a land our king has. The king certainly laid claim to that land, rushing for 220 yards and four touchdowns (AKA: Going Al Bundy). You couldn’t stop him, which probably explains why the 49ers just kept going to him all game.

It’s also even further funny when you consider the fact that Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine was once Kyle Shanahan’s boss while the latter was the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. Pettine is known for this epic request.

Ok, you probably knew this was going to be stupid. I checked Wikipedia shortly after I got news of this and saw any mention of King Raheem washed away into the depths of legends. So that reign didn’t last long and the city took back their governement rather quickly, but King Raheem will always be rememebred.

Really, it’s not surprising this got taken off Wikipedia just as fast as it went up, as I know a lot of the people who write on there take things pretty seriously. A lot more than you imagine. Despite the many who have made Wikipedia a fun site to look things up and get a small nugget or two of actual information (at the cost of hours of productivity), you always are going to not only have the trolls, but people who will crown Raheem Mostert the King of Green Bay. Still, edits like this only make this Penny-Arcade comic and this PA comic about the site all the more true. In fact, it makes the comic even more funny because it IS true.

So are we onto something? King Raheem? Lord Mostert? They have a nice ring to it.