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49ers wish to wear white throwback uniforms at Super Bowl

Nothing has been approved, but maybe the NFL will grant the request.

The San Francisco 49ers are representing the NFC for Super Bowl LIV, and with this being an even-numbered year (2020) that would mean they are the “away” team. The game is on a neutral field so it won’t matter who has homefield advantage, but it will determine what the 49ers wear for the game. That means the white/gold uniforms would be in play. Or are they? The Athletic’s David Lombardi reports that the 49ers would rather wear their all-white throwback uniforms. The snag is the NFL won’t allow it.

Lombardi goes onto say that the NFL made an exception in Week 17 at Seattle. In a follow-up tweet, Lombardi said the NFL is thinking about changing the uniform policy now.

This does not confirm we get the slick white throwbacks, but it at least means there’s a good chance the NFL will have some discussions on it. We should know later this week if the request is granted. If it is, then the 49ers once again need to run as far away from mustard as they can. You don’t want those unis getting the yellow.

So who’s behind all of this white throwback push? Why none other than Richard Sherman. Sherman was the guy who wanted the 49ers to wear the all-white duds in Seattle and was the one who gave Lombardi the news on the throwbacks.

The Kansas City Chiefs being the home team get the choice of what jersey color to wear. I understand how the NFL may want an “away” color but I think as long as the Chiefs were to sign off on the uniforms, I don’t see where the problem is.

I don’t have solid evidence to back this up, but from what I’ve been told, the solid and white color distinction dates back to the days of old photography. It was so you could see in black and white photographs who the home team and the away team was. We’re obviously a long ways from that, but a fun information tidbit.

There really should be no reason why the 49ers can’t wear the white throwbacks, unless the NFL just wants to ruin our fun. For what it’s worth, 13 of the past 15 Super Bowls have been won by the team wearing white.