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Are you concerned about Jimmy G’s lack of use?

Six pass attempts in the NFC Championship? Uh

Eight passes. Six completions. 77 passing yards. At least Jimmy Garoppolo completed 75 percent of his passes.

But he was not utilized much. In fact, after that first half, it seemed like someone else was in the jersey handing the ball off to Raheem Mostert.

Against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC divisional, the easy answer was: “running works.” After all, the Vikings defense was giving the pass-game a headache. They had no answer for the 49ers’ rushing attack, so why change it.

But against the Green Bay Packers? Now that’s a bit weird. Obviously, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but the 49ers were committed to the run. Stubbornly even. Most of the time, it was working, so why throw? Later in the game, however, when the three and outs piled up, the 49ers kept running. No passes?

So, was that the plan?

One has to wonder at least why Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t throwing the ball in these two games. Was it the gameplan due to the packages the Packers and Vikings were offering? Was it because Shanahan didn’t trust Jimmy G? Or was it because the first time they had Garoppolo dropping back, he almost got his knee broken off again in that vicious hit? The 49ers have one more game; they can’t do it without Jimmy G. Well, one would guess.

Or is there something Shanahan is saving for the Super Bowl? That last reason, if that’s the case, is the ballsiest gameplan I’ve ever seen. “We don’t want to show our pass plays on film before we go to the Super Bowl, so let’s use all the running plays.” Well, hey, if it all has a positive ending, it worked!

Or was the trauma of Super Bowl LI, a game where Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling was criticized for not running the ball enough, something on the back of his mind?

I’ll admit when the three n outs piled up; I began to wonder if the 49ers might find a way to blow this. If they did, it would go from one of the most dominating and impressive playoff victories to one of the most embarrassing losses ever. Thankfully, it never got close to that, but when Aaron Rodgers scores three touchdowns in succession, you can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Like, an uneasy look with an uncomfortable interjection saying, with an ingenuine smile and uncomfortable chuckles, “uhhh, Shanahan? What are you doing?”

So again, six for eight. Are you concerned at all about the lack of use of Jimmy G? Or is it all in the gameplan? Is this indicating something else? I think it means nothing; even Tom Brady took nights off for a massive run game. One has to ask...


Are you concerned on the lack of use from Jimmy Garoppolo?

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