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Packers fans tried to spin the inevitable leading up to the NFC Championship


NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Leading up to the game, plenty of Green Bay Packer fans were certain that this game would be different. Former 49ers reporter Joe Fan tweeted a few days before the game that he had yet to see a quality explanation for how the Packers were going to beat the 49ers. NBC Sports and former 49ers player Ian Williams was in Green Bay’s locker room and said the vibe was fake rah rah and he could sense the beat down was coming. I use those two as examples as they have been honest all season about the prospects of the Niners. Reading through the replies to Fann’s tweet and the responses were “we have Aaron Rodgers (because he’s made such a difference all season) or “any given Sunday” or any other soft factor that has nothing to do with what happens between the white lines. Let’s read some tweets.

I am very petty, and as much as I want to continue this glorious thread, most of the tweets read the same. Cherrypicking to find a stat that favors the Packers or referencing something the 49ers did in December without using any sort of context to prove their point.

For me, football became much more enjoyable once I put the pom poms down. If a player plays poorly, admit it. You’re not a better fan because you refuse to admit your team isn’t good at, in a Packers fan sense, stopping the run. For us, it was evident that the team was worse with Ahkello Witherspoon on the field. I know a few comments were saying that we were in the wrong, and it was conjecture saying that Emmanuel Moseley should start in the divisional round. Without the rose-colored glasses on, the decision was a no-brainer.

That leads me to this; what has been the most difficult part of the 49ers for you to accept this season. For me, it’s the lack of blitzing. I want Robert Saleh and the defense to be aggressive, play fast, and put pressure on opposing offenses as opposed to “doing what they do.” I want to be clear: Saleh knows wayyyyy better than me, and that’s more me stuck in my ways. There’s no reason for Saleh to blitz considering the four pass rushers he has and how successful San Francisco is when they have seven players in coverage. Once every ten plays, there will be a play where you want the 49ers to bring and extra guy because they couldn’t get home. The other nine plays they’re fantastic and do everything correct. Naturally, you remember that one time. That’s me. What is yours?