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Joe Montana’s Super Bowl pick is a guarantee

Joe Cool knows how to up the humor

If you are coming to a San Francisco 49ers site, then you know that quarterback Joe Montana needs no introduction. The 49ers became a dynasty in the 80s and it was Montana’s development in the position that got them there. The big argument continues to be Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana for the GOAT of quarterbacks with a lot of emphasis shifting to Brady after the recent Super Bowl win. As time went on Montana has distanced himself a bit from the 49ers and the NFL at large, but pops up from time to time and he has made his pick for the Super Bowl. I can say, with 100 percent confidence, Montana’s pick is the correct one:

There you go. Joe Montana is helping you out with who to pick to win all the marbles. Just pick his team. Joe Cool gave you his guarantee.

Um, errr...if you aren’t in the know, Montana played for both the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. He became a legend with the 49ers and finished his career out with the Chiefs after the 49ers elected to go with Steve Young. That’s where you might hear about this “Joe Bowl” going around.

OK, so it’s not as iconic as when he was at the Super Bowl and told the huddle, “hey, is that John Candy?” but this is still classic Joe. He predicts ‘his team’ will win.

Joe Montana was John Wayne, John Wayne never loses. Once again, Joe Montana isn’t losing this pick.