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49ers will wear traditional “away” jerseys; white shirt, gold pants at Super Bowl LIV

No Fun League

On Monday, we discussed the possibility of the San Francisco 49ers wearing their all white throwback uniforms to Super Bowl LIV. Problem was, they had to get permission from the NFL since a throwback uniform isn’t typically an “away” uniform. Looks like any chance of that happening stays on Monday. The 49ers will be wearing the traditional away attire: white uniforms and gold pants.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the “home” team this year, which means they get first choice on uniforms. They will wear their traditional red for the championship.

There’s not word yet on who—or what—put the kibosh on this, but it really seems like a missed opportunity. While the uniforms are white and an obvious magnet for mustard, they also had huge popularity with fans. I’m guessing they already started sewing the Super Bowl patches on the jerseys for merchandise reasons which might have had a hand in the decision. The Los Angeles Rams were able to wear their throwback uniforms in last year’s Super Bowl, but again, they were the home team that year and got first dibs. Being they have the white shirts, they can easily get those things stained in condiments still, but the gold pants can protect them from any food fouls.

It’s a bit odd the 49ers can’t wear all white. Technically they are still in white jerseys designated for away teams, even if the pants match. Rules are rules, I suppose.

The good part about this? The 49ers are 2-0 wearing the white unis. Wearing red got them a loss in Super Bowl 47. The Chiefs are wearing dark red, so take from that what you will.