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Golden Nuggets: Mobile to Miami

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A collection of San Francisco 49ers related links for Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

One thing that seems to be forgotten in all the Super Bowl talk is the fact that it’s Senior Bowl week. Don’t get me wrong, having our team play in the Super Bowl is very fun to talk about, and arguing with all the haters that are trying to force this narrative that Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t any good happens to be an equally efficient way to waste your time, but the Super Bowl is a whole other week away and the Pro Bowl stopped being good years ago.

Draft season happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. There’s just all this potential and hope, scratching and clawing for a chance to realize their lifelong dream, and it’s great to imagine how each skill set fits into your team, how one guy has the power to change the direction of the franchise. This week, John Lynch has taken his “Mobile to Miami” mantra to the Senior Bowl to help try to uncover that next piece of the puzzle for us. Like the two players from last year, Deebo Samuel (who Kyle Shanahan got an up close view of) and Dre Greenlaw.

The lack of draft picks definitely hurts their ability to get a Fred Warner (who played in the 2018 Senior Bowl), but trading out of the 1st round is probably the best way to go. One guy I’m keeping an eye out for is the Edge prospect out of Alabama, Terrell Lewis. There is no guarantee that Ronald Blair sticks around this offseason, so a reliable rotational piece might be a huge need. Lewis is crazy athletic and can provide that speed element that is lacking when Dee Ford is out. The reason he’ll most likely fall down draft boards is the same reason people are wondering if they should move on from Ford: his durability. He tore an elbow ligament that caused him to miss most of his sophomore season and then tore his ACL in the summer camp leading up to his junior year. He stayed healthy this past year and made Second Team All-SEC and is currently impressing at the Senior Bowl practices.

Has anyone caught your eye?

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