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Levi’s Stadium found its voice

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A stadium with a reputation for being a bit quiet. That was not the case in the NFC Championship.

The San Francisco 49ers are currently 2-0 in playoff games at Levi’s Stadium. 2019 was the first year they managed to hold a playoff game at the relatively new stadium.

Just one problem: Levi’s Stadium had a reputation for being a bit underwhelming on the fan experience.

Beyond issues with the sunlight and the actual construction of the field itself, it was just missing something. That all changed as the season went on. Then the 49ers took on the Minnesota Vikings in the postseason. That’s when Levi’s got loud. Like, really loud.

And then it set a record attendance for the NFC Championship game. And it was obnoxious. So obnoxious you might be able to make a case for the noise helping this crucial play:

The Richard Sherman pick to seal the game also shows the crowd erupting. It only got louder during the victory formation.

So was it Candlestick Park, the 49ers’ original home all over again? I took to Twitter to find out:

Since 2014 (the first season at Levi’s), the stadium has been under constant criticism for the field, atmosphere, and crowd noise. Then when the 49ers started winning, something happened. The Sunday Night Football game against the Packers in November certainly felt a lot louder than usual. Earlier in the season, I’d be saying, “Get loud, come on.” I didn’t even need to bother in the second half of the season.

The playoffs happened, and from my television set, you could tell things were different. The crowd noise was rocking onto the field. It may not have messed with any of Green Bay’s calls, but it certainly was different than the field we’re used to.

We can criticize Levi’s stadium all we want. The good news is, it was just a bit of a late bloomer in the noise department.

Hopefully, this keeps up into 2020.