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Lynch on being at the Senior Bowl: We haven’t done a whole lot yet

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The 49ers GM was on hand at the Senior Bowl

49ERS VS. PACKERS NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

Just because the San Francisco 49ers made it to the Super Bowl doesn’t mean there still isn’t work to do. General Manager John Lynch was at the Senior Bowl in 2019, along with the rest of the Niners coaching staff. Lynch was the lone person from the organization spotted at the event this season. He spoke about why that’s the case:

“We haven’t done a whole lot yet. We’ve earned a really cool opportunity and we want to see it through. That’s why you’re in Mobile the week before the Super Bowl. It’s a big decision, do you leave back home? Because there are a lot of details to get wrapped up. But you’ve got to constantly be better and trying to better your organization. This is a valuable opportunity to do that.”

That’s the mindset it takes to win in the NFL. Not just win, but to sustain that success. There hasn’t been too much info about who the 49ers have met up with. The only thing I’ve come across is a meeting with Texas Longhorns WR Collin Johnson.

We know about all the struggles from the past two seasons with the 49ers. Lynch said that the 49ers were feeling good about themselves until “we get humbled a little bit” following a 4-12 season in 2018. Then, you add a strong group of free agents. Then, Nick Bosa. Then, Deebo Samuel. The offseason the Niners had was tremendous on so many levels. From acquiring talent to acquiring the right guys, Lynch and company hit a home run.

Lynch discussed how losing affected the team:

“A lot of guys gained a lot of valuable experience. We knew we gained the right type of guys, we knew the talent was growing. We had to add more finishers, more explosive players and also depth. Then it’s all up to the players.”

Which is exactly what happened. Bosa and Dee Ford were the finishers. Tevin Coleman, Deebo Samuel, Kwon Alexander, and Ford were the explosive players. Then you have Ben Garland, Daniel Brunskill, at the time, Dre Greenlaw, Justin Skule, Levine Toilolo, and that’s not counting all of the in-season transactions. San Francisco did a great job of acquiring talent that fits.

“Our vision was to come in here and get this place back,” Lynch said. “How long that was going to take, we didn’t know. But we were going to put our head down and work every day to try to improve our organization. That was our mindset. And we tried to bring in guys who have that same mindset.”