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49ers will hold Super Bowl parade in San Francisco if they win Super Bowl LIV

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The people that live outside of the Bay Area are probably thinking, “duh.”

Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are eight days away from the biggest sporting event in all of sports. This time around, it features the San Francisco 49ers. While we are going to read all about Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs over the next week, the Niners have an equal shot, if not better, at winning. The 49ers haven’t seen an offense like the Chiefs—that’s a fair statement. What we aren’t talking about enough is how the Chiefs haven’t seen an offense as multiple or a defense as fast, physical, and downright good as San Francisco’s unit.

Earlier in the week, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman reported how surprisingly confident people that work in the league were in Chiefs leading up to this game.

In asking a handful of people around the league who they believe will win Super Bowl LIV, what has surprised me—actually stunned me—is how many are confident the Chiefs will blow out the 49ers.

Three assistant coaches and two front office executives with whom B/R spoke all picked the Chiefs, big, and I don’t think this belief is isolated.

What is so striking about that view is that I have seen few teams, in decades of covering this sport, more physical—and adaptable—than the 49ers.

This is why Richard Sherman acts the way he does. One team beat the snot out of both of their opponents, essentially from wire to wire during the playoffs. The other team trailed by double-digits against two inferior opponents and had to come back. Yet, the latter is the one with respect. I’m big into trends and gambling, and this is exactly how Vegas profits. It’s natural for the human to remember the last thing they see. Nobody remembers the Chiefs being down 24-0, they’ll recall the 51-7 run (which is insane.) They won’t talk about the mistakes the Titans made up 17-7 that allowed the Chiefs to come back, it’ll be Mahomes scrambling late in the game and heaving it deep. I’ll tell you why I’m confident in San Francisco throughout the week.

Which is why we’re talking about the Super Bowl parade. For those that have never been to a game, the Niners don’t play their home games in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that former Mayor Willie Brown confirmed that the parade would be in San Francisco when if the 49ers beat the Chiefs.

The parade will happen Wednesday following the game, which is February 5. The question was, would the parade be held closer to Levi’s Stadium or the City. Since San Francisco called the 49ers home from 1946-2014, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the team will celebrate in San Francisco. Hopefully, we’re talking about more of the details of the parade next Monday.