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49ers Fanpulse: Perception isn’t reality

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The results from this week’s nation questions are...something

Super Bowl LIV - Previews Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

We are down to two teams. Those of you that voted shouldn’t be surprised with the 100% confidence vote in the latest Fanpulse. The folks at Arrowhead Pride are at 98%. Surprisingly, they were “only” at 94%, heading into the playoffs. That number has steadily climbed to where it is now. Check out the difference during the season between the two teams:

Steady. The 49ers fast start and consistency throughout the season made it easy. The late struggle was more of a reflection of injuries and not what San Francisco was as a team.

You cannot say the same for the Chiefs. The power of your quarterback being banged up.

Which coach would you rather have lead your team in a Super Bowl?

This is surprising because of how easy Shanahan has made it look during the first two playoff games. It’s not even recency bias; it’s ignorance. That’s not to take anything away from Reid. He’s a phenomenal coach and an easy Hall of Famer. Perhaps his playoff experience is the reason for the drastic difference.

Which team will win the Super Bowl?

This result is less surprising. We keep hearing about the Chiefs’ speed like the 49ers are a bunch of turtles. If Tyreek Hill raced Raheem Mostert, 60 some percent would put their money on Hill, at worst, but Mostert would win. It’s the Mahomes Show. How much Tyrann Mathieu improved the Chiefs defense. Anything that gives Kansas City credit is what’s on TV, basically. So this result was expected.