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49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl LIV: Where to watch?

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Throw your fellow community members a bone and help them figure out where to go

So Pat and I have been getting a lot of emails from the community asking where in San Francisco you can watch the Super Bowl with like-minded 49ers fans. The sad part is, neither of us has an answer. I live in Arizona, and Pat is in the heart of enemy territory over in Seattle, Washington. Safe to say, we aren’t familiar with Bay Area hangouts.

That doesn’t help anyone. I’ve got people telling me they are flying to California from the UK just to find a bar to watch the game, and I have my palms up on where to direct them.

This is where you come in. Consider this an open thread to discuss sports bars, locations, etc. Either in the San Francisco area or across the country that is very pro-49ers. If you’re in Seattle, I advise checking out Alex Carson’s (friend of the site) Seattle Niners Faithful group. During the season, they have things on lock-down with numerous places to go without getting heckled, it’s also a large and very good group too. Pat tells me Eden Seattle will be the location for the Super Bowl (head to Facebook to get more info or hit Alex up here).

So that takes care of the Pacific Northwest, we got a few hundred other locations. Drop a comment here on where to go so our other readers can find a spot. Even if you’re in the heart of the Bay, let’s hear where our out-of-towners need to go.

Thanks, everyone.