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Pro Bowl Open Thread: Will you be watching today’s game

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Will the 49ers?

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The 2020 Pro Bowl is set to kick off in a few minutes here. The event has changed so much over the years. Yesteryear was the best when we saw the fastest players racing in the 40-yard dash and the top quarterbacks throwing. It was great. The skills challenges are more for fun now. A few days ago, they had a 6-on-6 dodge ball tournament. The AFC won the first game as Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry and Pittsburgh Steelers edge rusher Cam Heyward took down Detroit Lions CB Darius Slay. The ball went right through Slay’s hands, which is stereotypical for a defensive back. That was Game 1. The AFC was down in Game 2. It was 4-on-2 in favor of the NFC, then Landry caught two passes to take control. Landry made another crazy catch to seal the deal. Tune in to ESPN the Ocho to find out who won the “Thread the Needle” contest.

Will you be watching this game? It’s weird that we only have two more Sundays of football.