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Sherman on criticisms of Jimmy G: Idiots sound like idiots at this point

Sherman is fed up, too.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Leave it up to San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman to make the most sense of the Jimmy Garoppolo criticisms. The majority of the media spent the bye week talking about how the Niners can’t win with Jimmy G throwing, despite seasons worth of evidence. What made the analysis so puzzling was that he didn’t have to. When you say these things, you’re completely ignoring San Francisco, winning by multiple possessions. It’s odd, but the Garoppolo slander isn’t going anywhere. Watch the 49ers win on Sunday, and we still have to hear about how it was in spite of Jimmy.

Bleacher Report’s Ty Dunne—who is a terrific writer—had a Q&A with Sherman, and the topic of Garoppolo came up. When asked if the criticisms of Garoppolo upset Sherman, he said, “idiots still sound like idiots at this point.” Sherman was then asked whether Garoppolo now throwing the ball to win is a good thing, to which he replied:

Once again, it’s people telling you how to win. Like: Hey, we don’t care that you’re winning by double digits every game. You’re not winning the way we want you to. So let’s criticize him.

Sherm sums it up nicely. There isn’t one way to win. If you are getting out to big leads and defenses don’t have an answer for your run game, why on earth would you throw it? Think about the last couple of games. The 49ers are scoring touchdowns on drives where they don’t have to throw the ball. Do you know how demoralizing that is for a defense? Because the 49ers aren’t scoring as they did against the Rams in Week 16, or the Saints a few weeks before, the offense is being criticized. It’s been bizarre to watch. Even “smart analysts” are falling for it.

The final question about Garoppolo was if the team is confident in him:

We’re the No. 1 seed going into the Super Bowl. We’re as confident as we’re going to be.

I’d say that’s a yes.