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George Kittle played on a torn labrum for two seasons...per George Kittle

Oh, and he’s not going to get surgery. This guy is the epitome of a badass.

Well, you know George Kittle is tough, but he’s gone to yet another level if it’s even possible. He was a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast where he revealed he has been playing on a torn labrum. A torn labrum suffered two years ago. Kittle was asked about why he always wears that grey sleeve.

“So, I dislocated my shoulder last year,” Kittle said via Pardon My Take. “And my labrum is completely torn so I don’t get surgery on it. It [the sleeve] basically helps me so I don’t get hurt all the time.”

When asked if he would get surgery after the Super Bowl this weekend, Kittle replied, “No chance, I can’t miss those workout days, man.”

Kittle has already had a couple injuries on him in 2019. Earlier on, he suffered what was reported as a broken “bone in the ankle” (something Shanahan compared to bark on a tree) along with a knee injury called a “popped capsule.”

Now, everyone, let this sink in. He’s got a broken bone in the ankle, a popped capsule, and that’s adding to the torn labrum—that he’s been playing with for two seasons—and yet he can still do this. Oh and when he came back from that ankle, that very night, he managed this.

I don’t know about you, but if I have one, if not three of those injuries, I’m going to the doctor and I’m not moving. In fact, I’m probably withering in pain and buying Advil in bulk. It’s not like he’s calling attention to that to add to his heroics either. He’s had a torn labrum for two years and we aren’t learning about it until six days before the Super Bowl via a podcast. If this was announced before, hey, you all are getting a reminder of just how tough this guy is.

I think this is stating the obvious, but George Kittle is a badass. You didn’t need a reminder and you didn’t need more proof, but there it is: George Kittle is a badass and we are are simply witnesses to his world.

George Freaking Kittle