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Finish your Tuesday with some Baldy Breakdowns

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I’m still not tired of this guy

The first day of Super Bowl Week is a wrap (or the second if you count Sunday) and we’ll have a few things to break down, but let’s keep it a bit casual for now. Let’s watch some Brian Baldinger breakdowns.

Actually, if you haven’t noticed from my posts today (or this week depending on when this hits), I’ve been on a kick with Jimmy Garoppolo. I can’t understand the narrative that the coaching staff is holding Jimmy G back or that he’s not a fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense because the 49ers ran the ball. Sure, here on Niners Nation many of you agree the reason the 49ers didn’t pass was because they didn’t have to. It’s baffling though how many are thinking it’s indicative of something else.

Almost like they didn’t watch the 49ers this year.

Anyways, we have some breakdowns. The first one is abotu the 49ers communication. Something I never really noticed until Baldinger brought it up:

I always noticed the checks, but I didn’t realize just how in sync the offense has been in the last few weeks as opposed to the beginning of the season. I think a few errant throws were a result of bad communication. You’ve seen what that gets you on both sides of the ball. The 49ers were notorious for bad communication in 2018 (a point I levied at Robert Saleh last year, but he fixed it).

The other one I found is somethign that shows Garoppolo’s decision making. You know, the cerebral side. That OTHER thing required to be a quarterback besides arm strength. Here he breaks down Jimmy Garoppolo’s decision making and how he makes a good pre-snap read (via shifting).

I will continue to pound the narrative that Jimmy Garoppolo is not just a good quarterback, but a good quarterback who is only going to get better. And things like that second Baldy Breakdown prove my point that he’s moving right along. Between the ears he’s doing a great job. It’s just in those moments and strange throws he needs to work on. He can get better.

I mean, we all know how Tom Brady started.