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“Jimmy Garoppolo is better than you think”

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Jim Rome is the latest to chime in

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

This time of year is a reminder of the analysts that have been consistent throughout the 2019 regular season. Some analysts don’t have great reputations, like Colin Cowherd, but he’s been right every step of the way about the San Francisco 49ers, including his takes on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Jim Rome is another analyst that has been correct on most things Niners this season. Rome’s recent article on the 49ers quarterback was his attempt to tell the masses that Jimmy G is better than you think.

It’s a variation on a theme regarding Jimmy G all season, but this time, it’s even dumber. Yes, he only threw eight passes against the Packers. That’s not because he can’t throw more; or they’re afraid to have him throw more: it’s because they didn’t NEED him to throw more. He threw eight passes because that’s all he needed to throw. Has everyone forgotten that they were leading 27-0 at halftime and rushed for nearly 300 yards on the game? Why the hell would you go away from what was working? Who was watching that game, and watching Raheem Mostert rip off nearly 8 yards a carry and thought, Kyle Shanahan is afraid to throw the ball? Kyle Shanahan is scared of using Jimmy G? What is there to criticize? They’re in the Super Bowl. Isn’t that the whole point? And if you want to say they aren’t in the Super Bowl because of Jimmy G, they sure as hell aren’t there in spite of him.

We keep discussing this because it continues to be a story, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Unlike the pundits that are spewing nonsense into the TV, we’re going to share the knowledgable discussion that uses common sense.

How many times during the past week have we seen people contradict themselves in the same argument? The thought that you need to “fix” an offense that was the best team in the NFC and beat up on two playoff teams with an average victory of 17 points says more about you than it does Garoppolo.

Rome cited Jimmy’s stats and made it clear Garoppolo is no slouch:

What Jimmy G is, is a good quarterback. He passed for nearly 4,000 yards this year and completed more than 69% of his passes. Do not come away from that Packers game and think that the 49ers are some old-school, never-pass, three yards and a cloud of dust wishbone team with a quarterback who has a noodle arm. That’s not the case at all. James G finished top five in the league in completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passing touchdowns. And he was the only quarterback in the league to do that. He was also the only quarterback in the league with three games of at least 300 passing yards, four touchdowns, and a completion percentage above 70%.

When Jimmy has success, the critics still find a way.

I try and look at this game as objectively as I can. Most advanced stats had Garoppolo as a top 10-12 quarterback at the very worst this year. There’s no reason to pivot off the same stance you had for four months because Jimmy’s attempts went down. That’s the only thing that has changed — nothing else. What makes throwing the ball as well and efficiently as Garoppolo did was knowing he was fresh off a knee injury. He’ll be even better in 2020 a year removed, but I’m sure we’ll be arguing this very topic next season.