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49ers loose, confident, during opening night of Super Bowl week

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Kittle was great, as always

Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24 Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Opening night at the Super Bowl media was a circus, to say the least. The questions surrounding the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs were A magician interviewed Dante Pettis. One media member asked Richard Sherman if he would come back to the Seahawks after apologizing on behalf of all of Seattle’s fans. Circus is selling what transpired Monday short. There’s no better character for this stage than tight ends George Kittle and Travis Kelce. The duo took the stage and exchanged compliments about each other Monday night:

Kelce spoke to Deion Sanders about Kittle as well:

George Kittle, man, I was just talking about his tenacity. How he runs routes, how he plays the game with a certain level of energy and enthusiasm. You gotta love it. There’s nothing that you dislike about that guy’s game. Just trying to take it to the next level every single time he plays.”

To which Kittle responded:

“Early in my college career, I watched so much of him. To get a compliment from him is pretty spectacular. When you got a player like that who, in my opinion, is the best red zone threat in the NFL. Scores touchdowns left and right all the time.”

Both tight ends have plenty of flair on and off the field. Both know they are good and act like it. I love that.

Kittle was his usual witty self once we got past the pleasantries. Kittle was asked if his shoulder injury impacted him on the field, to which he responded, “Does it look like it is?” His bromance with 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo continues to grow. Kittle was asked what a “not so perfect side of Jimmy is,” to which George responded:

Kittle was asked what a “not so perfect side of Jimmy is,” to which George responded: “He is the worst texter of all-time. I’m telling you, he leaves me on read all of the time. I’ll be like, ‘Hey Jimmy; I got a question. Maybe on this play should I run my route like this.’ No response. ‘Jimmy, do you want to go to a movie?’ No response. And then the next day he’ll be like, ‘yeah, I got your text, I just didn’t respond.’ Thanks, Jim, that’s awesome. So yeah, he’s a bad texter.”

The mood of the 49ers team as a whole was loose. They looked calm but confident. In a surprise to nobody, Kendrick Bourne and Kwon Alexander were dancing as the team took the stage. Though the team wasn’t uptight, they didn’t shy away from any questions, either. It’s enjoyable to watch the Niners be themselves in any setting. Part of that may be because the game-plan has already been installed, so the 49ers no longer have to “study” as they may have earlier in the week like most other weeks leading up to a game. Peace of mind goes a long way, as does a brotherhood: