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Katie Sowers “absolutely” believes she could be an NFL head coach

She is going to get plenty of media attention this week, and deservedly so.

Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24 Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There will be a lot of very cool San Francisco 49ers related things that happen this week, and offensive assistant Katie Sowers being being the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl is near the top of the list. When you talk to the other coaches on the staff and the players, they all speak about the impact she has. Sowers has an influence on this roster, so seeing her get the pub on Monday night as awesome. NFL Network’s Steve Wyche caught up with Sowers, who worked previously with Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta:

That speaks to the type of person, not coach, Shanahan is. Sowers tied in a Bill Walsh quote in the tweet above about the power in believing in somebody. It’s easy with a player as talented as Deebo Samuel, but for lesser-known guys like Kendrick Bourne, a coach giving you an opportunity could mean the world.

Sowers said that she could “absolutely” be an NFL head coach:

“Wherever I can impact the game, I will continue to work and to be the best I can be, and if that opportunity comes up, and that’s where I truly be a game-changer, that’s the step I’ll take. Look at me now,” Sowers said. “Look at us now. All these guys up here, all these coaches, they’ve been doubted in their lives. They’ve faced adversity. We all have. All you can do is just continue to grind, continue to work, and show everybody what you’re capable of.”

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said, “She’s one of the coolest coaches I’ve ever had. I like being around her. Just how she goes about her business and how positive she is.” What you see from the receiver group is that they are allowed to be themselves. To me, that goes a long way in being successful. The best quote from Sowers: “It’s awesome being the first, but what I keep saying is that it’s more important that I’m not the last.”