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Sherman believes the 49ers were built for adversity

Someone asked Sherm about Harbaugh, and Sherman didn’t hold back.

Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24 Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

When San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman took the podium Monday night, the expectation was he would provide the media gold. Per usual, Sherman did not disappoint. He talked what Kobe Bryant meant to him—more on that later—Sherman also compared this Niners team to the previous Seattle SeahawksSuper Bowl teams, and Sherm didn’t get out of there without a jab at ol’ Harbs.

Sherman on the difference between Seattle and San Francisco, and himself as a player from the last time he was at the Super Bowl:

It’s a different offense, different jersey, different logo, different organization. It’s a young, fun, hard-working team. A great defense, a great offense. A lot of guys that I enjoy playing with and playing for. I’m a little older than I was back then. That was my third and fourth year. You’re a little wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Now, I’m more of a grizzled veteran and I understand what’s at hand.

Here is Sherman on the challenges Kansas City presents:

They have a ton of speed. They’re dynamic on the outside. They have a lot of guys that can do it. It’s not just Tyreek [Hill.] Sammy [Watkins] is a great player in his own right and a No. 1 as an individual. The rookie [Mecole Hardman] is going to come and not just do it on Special Teams but do it on the offensive side. Damien [Williams] is going to come out there and make a huge impact. [Travis] Kelce is an All-Pro, one of the best tight ends in our game. So you have to be prepared for all that. You have to find a solution to those issues, which is very difficult.

The Chiefs aren’t short on weapons, by any means. The next question was if San Francisco will be prepared if adversity strikes:

This team was built on adversity, honestly. We’ve won games in every kind of way. We’ve won shootouts. We’ve won low-scoring. We’ve won where we’ve turned the ball over. We’ve won with no turnovers. We’ve won when both teams played really well. We’ve won running a ton. We’ve won passing a ton. We’ve won giving up a lot of rushing yards. We’ve won giving up a lot of passing yards. I think those experiences give our team a chance.

The 49ers have won a ton of games this year. That is a fact. The final quote was on former Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh, the last coach to led this team to a Super Bowl. The relationship between Harbaugh and Sherman goes back over a decade at Stanford when Harbaugh tried to kick Sherman off the team while Sherman was dealing with a torn ligament in his knee because he couldn’t play. Sherman was asked if he was moving past his feud with Harbaugh: “I wanted to put him out of the league. And once I got that done, I had no animosity toward the 49ers organization.”

To add to the story, per 49ers CEO Jed York, Sherman was infamously removed from the 49ers’ draft board by Harbaugh, even though he was ranked higher than other CB prospects. York relayed that to Sherman recently during his tenure with San Francisco.

Here is the full quote from Sherman, when asked what it’s like to be in the Super Bowl with Harbaugh’s former team:

They may put me in the dictionary next to ‘irony’ at some point after this story is written. At the end of the day, I’m a football player. I’m here to help my team win. Whether it’s the San Francisco 49ers, or whoever I’m playing with. Jed [York] had a funny story about when I was coming out because they [San Francisco] had a higher draft grade on me than most teams, and Harbaugh came and took me off the draft board, and he was really upset about that.

Whatever fuels Sherman’s fire to win a ring, I’m all for it.