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Emmanuel Sanders on the 2019 49ers: “I love every single one of these guys. I love everybody from the general manager to the head coach”

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Only three months and he loves the brotherhood.

Emmanuel Sanders was traded in October to the San Francisco 49ers. And in three months he’s had nothing bad to say about his new team. On the contrary, he’s had nothing but praise and love for the 49ers’ brotherhood. putting the 2019 49ers right up with the 2015 Denver Broncos, the last team he won a Super Bowl with.

“I don’t want to say it, but it’s the truth. That [Denver Broncos Super Bowl winning] 2015 team I loved those guys on the team. But this time right here compare just the same. And I’ve only been here three months. I love every single one of these guys. I love everybody from the general manager to the head coach. From John Lynch to Kyle Shananahan to all my brothers on this team. It’s just a love. It’s a organic, authentic realness coming from everybody. There are no cliques, there ‘s not no beef, there’s not; I’ve never heard any of my teammates speak negatively about anyboy. When you go back and you look at Emmanuel Moseley and those guys [Moseley and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon] they are battling for a position. Then you got a guy [Witherspoon], Emmanuel comes in and he’s playing and he [Witherspoon] is asking if he can play on special teams. Because he just wants to contribute to help us win. That right there shows and it speaks, because that’s how our locker room is.”

It’s more important to recognize Sanders has not had the most positive past with his former teams. With his original team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sanders commented on Monday that the bridge between him and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is burnt. While with the Broncos, he was reported to be getting into fights with younger wide receiver Courtland Sutton.

You don’t see that here, especially with all the praise. There’s, of course, the fact he now is called on to block rather than catch, something that goes against the grain when in the past he indicated he liked catching balls rather than playing in run-first offenses.

Now? Sanders can’t stop talking about blocking:

“Man. There aint nothing like grabbing a dude. and you blocking a dude, and I swear—this is the God’s honest truth: It might be a better feeling than scoring a touchdown, seeing a running back running off your block and to the endzone. Just one of the best feelings ever. Truthfully, I hope they keep it that way because at the end of the day it’s about winning.”

Given the history, all of this should say something. Maybe we’ll see a return in 2020.