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Kyle Shanahan wanted no part of those white Super Bowl hoodies

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Not sure why, but this just seems so adequate.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV Opening Night Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So right now we have interviews upon interviews of the San Francisco 49ers and their media day appearances. If you watched any of the videos, you’d see they all arrived in these white short-sleeve hoodies with the 49ers logo and the Super Bowl LIV log akin to an Olympic track team.

Except for head coach Kyle Shanahan. He showed up in a plan black hooded sweatshirt as seen in the photo accompanying this post. Apparently there was coach’s gear for him to wear. And Shanahan once again showed how no one tells him what to do.

“When I got here,” Shanahan said when speaking to NFL Network’s Deion Sanders. “They had on the white marshmallow looking stuff for me. I said there was no way I was wearing that.”

The NFL wasn’t budging. They told Shanahan that was all they had. Meanwhile, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was spotted in his interviews earlier wearing a Hawaiian Shirt. A far cry from the white fleece getup they had for the players.

“I go, ‘I promise you Andy Reid’s not wearing that,’” Shanahan continued. “So if you can promise Andy is, I am. But once I heard he was wearing Tommy Bahama, I knew I was good to wear my own hoodie.”

Does this have any impact at all on learning the game? No. Does it really matter? Not really. For some odd reason I am just laughing so hard knowing Kyle Shanahan looked at those getups and said “nnnnooope,” and stood his ground.

Well, even he has a weakness.

In the same interview, they also brought up the red, black mini-logo trucker hat. Dubbed “the Shanahat,” Sanders asked the story behind the hat also.

“I liked it [the Shanahat] too.” Shanahan said. “I wanted to change, I told my wife that and then she freaked out on me. She tells me that’s the reason we’re winning. I know it’s not. But I don’t want to have to deal with that. If I don’t wear that hat and we lose, I’ll have to deal with that forever.”

Thing to take from this story: Kyle Shanahan can chew out NFL referees for bad calls, he can scream at his team of men twice his size if he needs to, he’ll even stand up to the NFL if they hand him “marshmallow looking stuff” to wear.

But when his wife, Amanda Shanahan gets involved, all bets are off.