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Gronk sees more Kittle in himself than Kelce

From an interview perspective, it has to be Kittle

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Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24 Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Talking Super Bowl tight ends won’t get old because these are two of the better players in the game. George Kittle and Travis Kelce were the league leaders in just about every statistical category during the regular season. If you thought you weren’t getting a question from former New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski this week, you were mistaken. Gronk was asked which tight end he prefers:

Kittle, for sure. Because he just reminds me of myself a little bit with the way he plays the game.” “I see a little bit of me in both, but I would say I’m definitely more of a Kittle, hands down,’’ Gronkowski said. “I would say that because of the attitude that he brings to the table, just the grit he brings into the trenches. He wants to bring it every time. He wants to be that guy that’s fierce out there and just wrecking guys whether it’s the passing game or the running game.”

Gronk likely sees Kittle in himself off the field, too. There’s no question Kittle’s intensity matches and arguably exceeds Gronkowski’s. Still, the joyous, fun-loving attitude during his media sessions or when Kittle is out and about makes him one of the easiest players in the NFL to root for. Kittle does have red flags, though.


Joe Staley played tight end in high school, and Kittle was asked if he was holding Staley back, to which Kittle said, “100%, I’m holding Staley back. He needs to change numbers and come hang out with us in the meeting room. We’ll get him right.” The follow-up question to Kittle was how he would tackle Staley if he were a safety. Kittle: I’m taking him out at the knees right away. No chance. Going right for his ankles. That is a very Gronkowski-type answer, as are most of Kittle’s answers.

When it’s time to talk football, Kittle shows off his brilliant mind. Here he is describing the impact Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has on that defense:

“Instant playmaker. He’s incredible. You can tell how much he means to that team. He’s their energy on defense. Me and him kind of share that in away. We bring that passion every single play to win.” I’m not sure how much we’ll see of these two 1-on-1 on Super Bowl Sunday, but that matchup is as good as it gets. It’s not “good-on-good,” it’s, “best-on-best.”

What makes Kittle hilarious is we can talk about Mario Kart, football, and on the next question, ask why how he feels about not being the best athlete under his own roof:

He really said he can beat his wife with a high-ankle sprain. Hilarious. For those that are unfamiliar with the backstory, Kittle’s wife, Claire, played college basketball at the University of Iowa for four years.