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Tuesday night media recap: 49ers are confident as ever

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This team is good, and they know it.

San Francisco 49ers Media Availability Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Tuesday night’s media availability for the San Francisco 49ers was once again a fun and loose session for the players. Kyle Shanahan kicked things off, where reporters continued to ask him about his Super Bowl loss with the Falcons. Hats off to Kyle, because he’s not running from the answers and continues to give detailed answers. Shanahan explained how beneficial the extra time to prepare has been for the team.

“It’s awesome. I wish the players could have two weeks every week to do a game plan. I mean, for them to come out on a Wednesday (practice) today and just be firing on all cylinders, it’s not usually like that. Usually, we put in a game plan on Wednesday morning, and there’s a lot of mistakes and stuff (during) Wednesday walk-through, more in practice, and you’ve got to kind of catch up as the week goes. Usually, you feel pretty good by Saturday. But when you get a whole week to go through it, you feel a lot better. We put in a couple of new things today, took out some stuff we didn’t like (from) last week, but I think it takes a little bit of the pressure off the guys because they’ve had plenty of time to study and do stuff. There’s a little more things here (at the Super Bowl) that you’ve got to deal with, so it’s nice to have gotten most of that out of the way. Now, they’re just doing the little extra details that will make them a little more comfortable on Sunday.”

With practice before the media sessions, and all the installation is already done, that explains why the Niners are so laid back when it comes time to answer questions. Emmanuel Sanders is tired of being asked about Jimmy Garoppolo, that’s for sure. I asked both him and Jimmy G if they are ever in awe of Raheem Mostert. Both gave excellent answers:

It’s pretty cool that other players like Sanders appreciate what Mostert has had to overcome to get to this point. Sanders called Deebo Samuel a star and thought Samuel should have his own podium here at the Super Bowl. Sanders did explain how, when he was a rookie and made the Super Bowl with the Steelers, that’s how it was for him as well. Next year it is.

Here is Garoppolo answering the same question:

How can you not be in awe of a player that fast and being able to cut without losing speed? Some lady asked Jimmy G to marry him. I did not but did ask how many pairs of Jordan’s he had. He was looking off to the side at Ben Garland, who attempted to get the quarterback out of his seat to show the media their celebration. Garoppolo is saving that for Sunday, though.

D.J. Jones walked out late wearing a Richard Sherman jersey:

There are some large humans on San Francisco’s roster.

You can feel the confidence. I have a good BS meter and can tell when someone is lying or isn’t as confident as they’re leading on. That’s not the case with the 49ers. They come off as a team that knows they’re going to win. We’ll have a story later today on the defensive line and how they’ve been leaning on each other to get better, as well as a 1-on-1 sit down with Jimmie Ward and Emmanuel Moseley, who didn’t have an answer for me when I asked what the Chiefs biggest advantages were in the game. They’re good, and they know it.