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Donte Whitner warns if Pat Mahomes doesn’t score early, 49ers win by three...touchdowns.

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He’s been right an wful lot this season

Former San Francisco 49ers are the best. Frank Gore was spotted with the boss giving the 49ers some encouragement,. Then former safety Donte Whitner just got off a Kansas City Radio Station to tell them that if Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes doesn’t score early, the 49ers are winning by three. Three touchdowns that is.

You remember Donte Whitner, right? The dude was known for walloping poor pass catchers that he was looking to legally change his last name to “Hitner” at one point. Whitner has been offering some analyst work lately and spoke to KNBR about the honest talk he gave to KC Radio:

“I watched all games this year. I see one glaring strength for the Kansas City Chiefs and that’s the quarterback [Mahomes]. He’s the common denominator. He moves around in the pocket, he takes away everything. A weak defense? He can make up for that. Playing a team like the 49ers who’s really good on the defensive side of the ball, who’s really good at getting leads and running the football down your throat? You get behind and Patrick Mahomes doesn’t score early? I’m saying the 49ers by three touchdowns.”

There’s been a lot of love for the 49ers this week, so you might be wondering why Donte Whitner is getting front-paged. Well, it’s not just this; it’s that Whitner has bullseyed the season this year, going so far to say the 49ers can win it all. He went on to explain how accurate he was about the 2019 49ers:

“Our first show at NBC, they asked me what I thought their record was going to be. I said 12-4, I actually felt that, 12-4. I was one game off. Then they asked me on Facebook Live with Jennifer Lee Chan and Matt Maiocco what was gonna happen in the first two playoff games. I said, “OK, Green Bay is going to be similar to how it was. Everyone is talking about how they can change. They can’t change. You can’t stop this front four. I don’t care what Aaron Rodgers does. And then, the other playoff game that they had, I said they all were going to come down like this. I really believe in this football team. They built this football team to win with running the football, with a front four, and a smart secondary. You don’t necessarily have the most athletic guys back there, but you have guys that are smart and understand situational football and their tough.”

The fact that Whitner has been on-point for the 49ers merits some consideration. Now the trick is if the 49ers can hold Mahomes from scoring. I’ve made a point that the Chiefs haven’t seen a defense like the 49ers yet this year, and they have come out a bit sloppy in the last few games to start. That type of play isn’t going to work against the 49ers. If the 49ers get up early, there’s a good chance it could be pretty much all over.

But against a high powered Chiefs offense, anything can happen. Here’s the whole segment below: