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Scarlett Jimmies, playoff edition: Be careful what you wish for

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Kyle and Rich preview the 49ers upcoming playoff game against the Vikings

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

When we asked which opponent you’d want the San Francisco 49ers to face, the overwhelming answer was the Minnesota Vikings. The common response was because of Kirk Cousins on the big stage, and eliminating the biggest threat to the Niners, New Orleans. Well, here we are a few days later after Cousins made a few big boy throws and your wish came true.

Rich and I recap the Kwon Alexander news, go over how much he means to this defense, what his impact will be, and where and how much Alexander should play. We also cover:

  • Why the Vikings are right behind the Saints in teams most-equipped to take down the Niners.
  • What you can expect to see from a Mike Zimmer defense.
  • Kubiak-Shanahan connection and how he can help the Vikings be ready for Shanahan’s offense
  • How the Saints aggressiveness down the field had to have Shanahan salivating and how Shanahan has been adding on to his playbook

Apparently, phil-o-sophical is a tough word to pronounce

  • How the 49ers matchup with the Vikings offense and how worried you should be about Dalvin Cook and Minnesota’s edge runs/screens vs. the Wide-9.
  • Why Emmanuel Moseley is the best-suited cornerback on the team to face the Vikings wideouts and why he should be the guy
  • Kirk Cousins home/road splits
  • Everything else you can imagine leading up to the big game.