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SB Nation reacts: “Hello darkness, my old friend”

After a letdown loss against the Eagles, our confidence took a dip into uncharted waters.

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Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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We were riding high entering the season sitting at 97%, but after a disappointing loss to the Cardinals, that number fell to 80%. A couple of wins at MetLife Stadium were merely bandaids on a wound that hadn’t healed, as San Francisco dropped the ball on national TV against the Eagles. As a result, our confidence poll is down in the dumps at 71%; as I say that, perspective matters. The Jets fans are polling at 3%, while the Lions are at 9%. At 2-2, things could be a lot worse.

There should be an improvement after the Dolphins, but I”m fascinated to see where the poll goes over the next month or so, win or lose.

The Seahawks are riding high at 98%, with the Rams trailing behind them at 94%. The Cardinals went from 81% to 32%. They’ve given up on the season.

As for the National poll questions, we asked who is the best team in the NFL, and over 70% of fans around the league voted for the Kansas City Chiefs. Seattle and Green Bay finished in a distant second and third place at just over 10%, with the Bills coming in fourth at around 5%.

On the flip side, the Jets received over 70% of votes for the worst team in the NFL, followed by the team they share a stadium with, the Giants, at 15%. The next two teams were the Texans and the Falcons.

The third national question asked whether Cam Newton would have changed the outcome of Monday night’s game between the Patriots and the Chiefs, with 56% of fans saying no. I’m afraid I have to disagree because I’ve seen and saw Brian Hoyer throw.

The Bills and Titans game has been moved to Tuesday because Mike Vrabel’s team doesn’t know how to follow the rules. Seriously, there has to be a strict punishment for Tennessee, or else other teams are going to follow their lead. I think the Colts and Browns game will be the best game of the weekend.