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Dolphins humiliate 49ers in a 43-17 blowout

Tomorrow we’ll only have losers. There were no winners on the field today.

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The game couldn’t have started any worse for the 49ers after going three-and-out and offense and offering little to no resistance against the Dolphins offense. Ahkello Witherspoon wasn’t 100%, so Brian Allen started. Ryan Fitzpatrick targeted him on the first play of the game for a gain of 47 yards.

The second drive for the Niners wasn’t much better, as there was some miscommunication upfront that left Trent Williams going one way, with everyone else going another. That led to a Jimmy Garoppolo sack, and, on 4th & 1, Jerick McKinnon was stuffed. Miami took a short field and attacked Allen for a 28-yard gain, before eventually scoring another touchdown. That made it 14-0, Dolphins. San Francisco flopped on the third drive after another sack and an off-target throw.

After a perfect punt by Mitch Wishnowsky, Miami was backed up near their end zone. The defense needed a stop in the worst way, and Jamar Taylor started the drive with a tackle for loss, and the Niners were able to get off the field. The 49ers have to punt after a sack and a couple of off-target throws. After a 17-yard punt return from Trent Taylor, and a 37-yard run by Raheem Mostert, the 49ers were in scoring position. A touchdown run by Kyle Juszczyk put San Francisco on the board to make it 14-7.

Unfortunately, Brian Allen went onto the field on the ensuing drive and Miami, and they took full advantage of that. On third and goal, Allen gave up a 22-yard touchdown to make it 21-7. A sack stalled another Niners drive, and Ryan Fitzpatrick found Mike Geisicki for 70-yards on a play where Jamar Taylor showed why the 49ers decided to cut him. San Francisco held the Dolphins to a field goal to make it 24-7.

The 49ers needed points before the half as Miami got the ball to open the third quarter. They started the drive with a batted pass, drop, and a Garoppolo interception put Miami in San Francisco’s territory. The defense held the Dolphins to a field goal to make it 27-7. Another awful interception from Garoppolo put Miami in position, and that made it 30-7. At halftime. At halftime, Garopppolo was 7/17 for 77 yards and threw two interceptions. He could’ve had a couple more.

Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick was lighting up the defense. He was 15/20, 251 yards, and two touchdowns. Here are the advanced box scores from halftime:


The 49ers started C.J. Beathard in the second half. The broadcast said that the 49ers wanted to protect Jimmy Garoppolo, which makes plenty of sense. You don’t want your starter taking any unnecessary more hits. I think we all know the real reason why.

After a couple of defensive penalties, Beathard connected with Kendrick Bourne, who had a serious case of the drops today, for a touchdown. The best part of that drive was that it only took three minutes off the clock. The score was 30-14.

The Dolphins answered with a score of their own in three minutes after Jason Verrett took a poor angle on 3rd & 16 that allowed Miami to go for it on fourth down. Then, one of the safeties jumped an underneath route in Cover 2 for whatever reason, which allowed a Dolphins receiver to run open and score from 32 yards out. That touchdown made it 37-14, Dolphins. Beathard got the Niners into the red area once again, but a sack took them out, and he dropped his eyes after feeling the pressure which ended the drive. A Robbie Gould field goal made it 37-17, Dolphins.

The 49ers had their chances as Miami made some critical mistakes on defense, but San Francisco continued to shoot themselves in the foot. The offensive line once again allowed pressure after pressure, oftentimes allowing defenders to come unblocked. Garoppolo has struggled all season, and many of those are independent of the line’s play. The receivers had several drops today. The defense allowed 43 points to a 1-3 AFC East team. The 49ers are going to have to take a long look in the mirror at themselves; today, because it’s not possible to play any worse on both sides of the ball. San Francisco was punched in the mouth and never recovered. Where do the 49ers go from here? Today was the most points the 49ers have allowed all-time in Santa Clara.

43-17, Dolphins.