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Sunday night football thread: Go Vikings

The Seahawks face off against Minnesota

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are at home and are touchdown favorites over the Minnesota Vikings. It’s been a disappointing day for the 49ers, as the other team, NFC West teams won, and San Francisco is now 0-3 at home. The hole is now deeper for the Niners to climb out of, but Kirk Cousins and company could do the team a favor by pulling off an upset over Russell Wilson tonight.

While it’s unlikely, I don’t think Seattle is that much better than Minnesota. Regression is coming soon from turnovers to the way the ball bounces, to having a game where you lay an egg. Wilson has been fantastic this season and looks like a player who is destined for an MVP season. The Vikings defense isn’t good, but they should be able to move the ball against a Seahawks defense that has struggled as well. All eyes will be on both quarterbacks tonight.