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The 49ers are as low as No. 25 in this week’s power rankings roundup

Power Rankings are 100% accurate and a great way to evaluate how teams have performed this season.

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At worst, the San Francisco 49ers were expected to be 4-1 heading into the upcoming schedule. After being struck by injuries and two letdown performances against inferior opponents, the Niners sit at 2-3 heading into what feels like a must-win game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Dolphins took it to San Francisco, and NFL’s power rankings reflect that, as the 49ers took a tumble once again in ESPN’s power rankings and fell to No. 17:

17. San Francisco 49ers (2-3)

Week 5 ranking: 13

Biggest weakness: Offensive line

The 49ers have questions all over right now, but many of them are related to injuries. The offensive line dealt with some injuries in camp, which undoubtedly hurt early-season cohesion, but the group is still mostly what the team envisioned in the offseason. Yet the 49ers have yielded 18 sacks, fourth most in the NFL, and rank 22nd in run block win rate. If the Niners can’t regain control of the line of scrimmage consistently, it’s going to be difficult for an offense with plenty of playmakers to get back on track. — Nick Wagoner

To me, the quarterback is the Niners’ biggest weakness through five games. There were multiple occasions Sunday against the Dolphins where throwing with anticipation avoids being hit. The line didn’t play nearly as poorly as many will lead you to believe in the first half. That doesn’t mean there is five peak Joe Staley’s blocking, but there were plenty of clean pockets to throw from against the Dolphins.

I’ve been asked why Shanahan has been a scapegoat for criticism. He hasn’t, but the reason I haven’t been as harsh on Shanahan as I have Robert Saleh is due to how the interior line looks at times. There are plays where Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill look unplayable. As a play-caller, you’re hamstrung when that’s the hand you were dealt with. If anything, Kyle is masking deficiencies.

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23. San Francisco 49ers (2-3)

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25 - San Francisco 49ers (LW: 14) - How the mighty have fallen. The reigning NFC champions are alone in the basement of the NFC West after getting molly-whopped in Miami. Jimmy G was benched in part due to injury but such a move only strengthened suspicions about him being a long-term quarterback solution. Things might only get worse from here with the 49ers having the NFL’s toughest remaining schedule.

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20. 49ers (No. 16; 2-3): The next seven games will either re-establish the defending NFC Champions or bury them.

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20. San Francisco 49ers (2-3. Last week: 12)

It wasn’t that the 49ers got spanked by the Dolphins to the tune of a 43-17 loss on Sunday — given the injury hits to Kyle Shanahan’s team, that could be forgiven and forgotten. But the extent to which Jimmy Garoppolo looked overmatched in that game was disconcerting, to say the least. Shanahan pulled his expensive starting quarterback after Garoppolo completed just seven of 17 passes for 77 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions, and perhaps Garoppolo was still favoring his injured ankle — though the fact that Garoppolo wasn’t listed on the team’s final injury report raises an eyebrow — but at this point, we will once again disclose that in 2021, the fourth year of Garoppolo’s five-year, $137.5 million contract, his cap hit will be $26.9 million, and the dead money incurred by releasing him is just $2.8 million.

We’re not saying, we’re just saying.

Garoppolo has played 2.5 games. It’s premature to pull the plug on him. If the 49ers are 3-9 or have an atrocious record in two months where the offense hasn’t done anything, we can talk about replacements. We all know he’s played poorly this season. You’d be lucky to find anyone who thinks otherwise. We’re not even to the halfway point of the season, though. The offense could get hot, Garoppolo could show that he is the man for the job, and all of this talk will look silly come December. Nobody predicted the Niners to go 2-3 and have as many injuries as they have now. Assuming they’ll continue to struggle, ignores the person calling the plays and the talent on this team. Let’s wait and see, and evaluate as the games go on.