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Golden Nuggets: Don’t expect to see Kyle’s Shana-hat this season

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers returned to practice on Wednesday, and so did Jimmy Garoppolo and Emmanuel Moseley. Rams coach Sean McVay said it’s premature to write off the 49ers after five games. “Five games is a real small inventory to write the narrative yet. There’s a lot of football left to be played for both teams.”

‘Shana-hat’ remains inactive for rest of the 49ers’ season

As this season has started, one thing missing, along with victories, is Shanahan’s hat. It has been replaced by a gray and black hat with a larger “SF” logo.

Fans have been wondering if Shanahan would consider bringing back the trucker’s hat with the tiny black “SF.”

So we took one for the team on Wednesday and asked Shanahan that very question.

Has this been a topic raised in the Shanahan household.

“They are superstitious but they know winning games comes to playing good football. And we got to play better football,” Shanahan said. “If I thought the color of my hat would help us play better football, I promise you, I’d never take that off.

“So, I understand the question, but I live a little more in reality than that.”

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers might have to get used to his wobbly ankle

On Wednesday, Shanahan said that the lingering nature of high ankle sprains like the one Garoppolo suffered in Week 2 means that players have to get accustomed to playing on them. The injury occurs when the ligaments that hold the two lower leg bones in place become torn. In some cases, the leg bones, the tibia and fibula, can bow outward if weight is applied. The injury is notoriously slow to heal and easy to exacerbate.

The 49ers go through full-speed practices on Wednesday and Thursday with a couple of high-energy drills on Friday as well. Shanahan said that ought to be enough to evaluate Garoppolo.

“We don’t hold back,” he said. “We do bootlegs, we do play action, we scramble, we sit in the pocket. So we already do everything you can except tackle.”

4 former players SF 49ers wish were on current roster

Perhaps the SF 49ers should have had a reunion, of sorts, with former EDGE Aldon Smith.

Smith’s tumultuous tenure with the Niners back in the early half of the 2010s needs little explanation. Mired in addiction and off-the-field issues, Smith’s subsequent turnaround and resurgence with the Dallas Cowboys has been an incredible story.

Merely coming back from those personal demons would have been one thing. The fact he’s now thriving at the NFL level again after missing so much time away is on an entirely different level.

Smith already has four sacks on the season, which ranks seventh best among all defenders, and his 74.3 Pro Football Focus grade is indicative of the kind of impact the Niners only wish they had from a prolific pass-rusher.

Mike Florio believes Kirk Cousins remains an option to replace

“I think that the time to start evaluating options for 2021, even if they are going to stay the course with Jimmy Garoppolo, you still have to see what else is out there,” Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said on KNBR Tuesday morning.

“One guy I keep coming back to is Kirk Cousins. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Vikings are willing to part ways with Kirk Cousins after this season. If the 49ers would want to take on the Cousins contract and give the Vikings value, and Kyle Shanahan could finally be reunited with the guy that him and his dad drafted in 2012 in the fourth round.”

Cousins current contract pays him around $56 million over the next two seasons, but the 2022 year is not guaranteed. Garoppolo has around $48 million due over that same span, but none of it is guaranteed.

Cousins, 31, is three years older than Garoppolo, but posted the fourth best QB rating in football last year (107.4), while Garoppolo finished 8th (102).

So, 49ers fans, Cousins for Garoppolo? You like that?

2021 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers take quarterback, Chargers find Justin Herbert protection, Falcons boost pass rush

QB - Trey Lance - North Dakota St. - 6’4”, 220 pounds

What better situation for Lance to fall into than running Kyle Shanahan’s play-action, YAC-predicated, QB-friendly offense?

5 players SF 49ers should try moving at 2020 NFL trade deadline

SF 49ers Trade Candidate No. 1: Left Tackle Trent Williams

The 49ers already won with Trent Williams this year.

Even if he’s showing the signs of having taken a full year off in 2019, Williams is still one of the best offensive linemen in the game and could still be in consideration for another Pro Bowl nod this season. San Francisco gave up two mid-round picks to land him during the offseason, despite his pending free agency in 2021.

Yet if the SF 49ers figure a way to trade Williams, it could be an even bigger win.

Take your pick of teams needing O-line help, perhaps starting with the rebuilding Bengals, who are subjecting rookie quarterback Joe Burrow to countless amounts of abuse yet have a plethora of cap space to execute a trade-and-sign deal. The situation there, paired with the Niners’ own ineptitude along their offensive line and the potential need to completely revamp it with younger players, means Lynch could get greedy.

Likely asking for compensation exceeding a would-be third- or fourth-round compensatory selection if Williams was to leave via free agency.