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SB Nation reacts: This week’s drop was the steepest yet for 49ers fans

Wait until you see the curve...

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Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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Watching the San Francisco 49ers lose on national TV to an inferior opponent in the Philadelphia Eagles was frustrating, to say the least. You’d think a team as talented as the Niners, despite the injuries, would have answered against a 1-3 Miami Dolphins team—especially after your starting quarterback and running back returned. That was not the case last Sunday, and that showed in our most recent confidence poll:

That curve is....not ideal.

Last week we saw the steepest drop, as the percentage fell from 89% to 71%. This week, that number tumbled into the 40s at 43%. Wow. That’s the eighth-lowest in the NFL. When you lose to Ryan Fitzpatrick by more than 20 points, that’s understandable. When you peek at the 49ers’ upcoming schedule, the drop is warranted.

My question is, how much does your confidence change with a 49er win? Then, if you were already low on the team, would a loss to a playoff team like the Rams change your opinion? I suppose that depends on how the Niners look. If they keep it close, you should feel slightly more optimistic. If it’s a blowout, is it NFL draft time already? With a win, 13-3?!?!

One of my friends covers the Jaguars, and on Thursday, their head coach, Doug Marrone, said “F—k no!” when asked whether the NFL would finish the 2020 season. On Friday, the Patriots—who the 49ers play next week—had another positive COVID test and had to cancel practice. The NFL said New England would still play this Sunday, but these tests are impacting games in the future. It’s hard to imagine there won’t be a Week 18, which the NFL has toyed with. If not, the NFL will have no choice but to force teams to forfeit. The Patriots have already used their bye week. They might be the first team the NFL has to take action on if there is another breakout in their facility next week.

What game will you be watching before the Niners play? The Packers against the Bucs should be a fun watch. Tampa Bay’s defense is entertaining. The Josh Allen-coaster is always enjoyable—if you’re not a Bills fan.