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Monday night football thread: The Red Rifle versus Kyler

The Cardinals are currently beating the Cowboys 21-0

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

All week, we heard about how there wouldn’t be much of a drop-off from Dak Prescott to Andy Dalton because the Dallas Cowboys are loaded with weapons. If only football was that easy. As of typing this, the Cardinals are up 21-0. The Cowboys have lost two fumbles, and Dalton is 9-13 for 51 yards. A whopping 3.9 yards per attempt. Amari Cooper and Ceedee Lamb do not have a reception.

Kyler Murray isn’t exactly lighting it up, either. He’s 8 for 19 for 128 yards and two touchdowns. Before this last drive, his numbers were down. Murray does have six carries for 57 yards. The 49ers have both of these teams left on their schedule, and, based on how the game has gone early on, there’s no reason San Francisco should handle both of these teams. Another thing: This offseason, Cowboys fans told us that Jaylon Smith was in the same class as the likes of Fred Warner and other top linebackers in the league, and boy were they wrong.