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Gold Standard: How will the 49ers adapt going forward?

The Giants game may have offered a clue

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

When a team loses nine starting players in two weeks, there’s no question they’re going to have to do things differently going forward. Did the Giants game give us a clue as to what that looks like for the 49ers this season? This week’s Gold Standard podcast addressed that issue.

One thing we noticed is that Kyle Shanahan was running the play clock down before almost every play, While I thought that was because Kyle was trying to protect Nick Mullens by shortening the game, Levin Black offered a different (and frankly smarter) perspective.

“Are you sure it’s because of Nick Mullens and not the fact that the Niners have so many injuries that they don’t have the depth? If they play a game with more plays, that depth becomes a much bigger deal because you don’t have quality guys as backups to relieve the starters.”

The point was well-made because Kyle clearly thinks he can manufacture offense regardless of the starting quarterback, and he’s very conscious of how many plays the defense is on the field.

When you combine a deliberate offense with a defense that is blitzing at a rate near the top of the league, you begin to see the identity the 49ers are going to take while they wait for the calvary to arrive in the form of healthy starters.

Other topics covered on the pod:

  • Why the release of Kyle Nelson is a lot more important than you think
  • Can the defense continue Carson Wentz’s struggles?
  • Is there a team in the NFC that San Francisco should be afraid of?

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