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Golden Nuggets: Kittle, Tomlinson, and Verrett were top performers during Week 6

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The 49ers surprised everyone by acquiring Jordan Willis from the Jets

Derrick Henry, Matt Ryan among the top performers of NFL Week 6

Along the edge, Mike McGlinchey did well against Leonard Floyd and the Rams, but given his transition into essentially being an edge-setter against the run, there’s not much McGlinchey had to do as a pass protector. It’s an impressive performance, but not one that competes with the other tackles on the list.

The broadcast isolated Daniel Brunskill as the star of the interior offensive line for the 49ers, but it was Tomlinson who had a better day. Though Brunskill had highlight moments that demonstrated what he can do, he also struggled when the spotlight was off of him, allowing Aaron Donald to backdoor him on zone runs and push the pocket on passes. Tomlinson, on the other hand, was consistent. Donald had a fine day — not great for him, but otherwise good for an interior defender — but needed to find matchups outside of Tomlinson, who played his role as an interior road grader extremely well.

Verrett was an elite corner at TCU but couldn’t stay on the field for the Chargers after they drafted him, showing flashes of extremely high level play but mostly watching from the sidelines. After a return to the field, he seemingly hasn’t missed a step. He put together a remarkable game for San Francisco. Targeted twice, Verrett allowed zero yards and two pass breakups. He also earned a pick on a target to a receiver he wasn’t covering, taking the ball away in the end zone after peeling off of his assignment and creating the rare fourth-down turnover that actually generates value for the team. Because of his pick, the 49ers were able to field their offense from their own 20-yard line instead of their own two yard line. Verrett looked extraordinary and could turn out to be a remarkably savvy finding for John Lynch.

Kittle believes Bosa already is second-best player in NFL

“Bosa, on the other hand, is the second-best football player in the NFL,” Kittle said on the latest episode of “Candlestick Chronicles.” ”Being able to go against that every day is pretty insane.”

Aaron Donald,” Kittle said without hesitation. ”Until proven otherwise. That dude’s been at the top of his game since he’s been in the league. It’s pretty impressive.”

“I am very happy that the Cardinals didn’t draft him,” Kittle said. ”I am very, very happy. That would have been brutal to have to play him twice a year for the rest of my career.”

UCSF epidemiologist weighs in on Santa Clara County blocking fans from 49ers games

“It makes no sense whatsoever to have audiences at stadiums, particularly when there is a model to do it without audiences in a much safer way so that the only individuals who’d be put at risk are players, the refs and their families [who are] getting constant tests,” Santa Clara County Executive Dr. Jeff Smith said during a Tuesday press conference. “Putting an audience in a stadium in large groups is just asking for trouble. It’s like a Petri dish.”

Smith has a long history of predicting the worst with the pandemic, as he once (incorrectly) forecast there would not be “any sports games until at least Thanksgiving,” and later proclaimed, “There will never be a vaccine that will be effective.” He envisions the world “struggling for the next 10 years with the same problem.” Federal officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci have predicted effective vaccines, and a return to normalcy sometime in 2021 once the vaccines are widely available.

Brink’s Best Bets: 49ers at Patriots and All NFL Week 7 Predictions

Why SF Loses: As well as the 49ers played in Week 6, they played just as poorly in their Week 5 loss to the Miami Dolphins. The 49ers are feeling great after their last big win, but the truth is they only have to look back a few weeks to see how many holes this team can have on a bad day. The 49ers have a known weakness defending mobile QBs. Cam Newton can provide that element for the creative Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. On defense, it’s likely that the only coach who knows 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo better than Kyle Shanahan is Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The greatest football coach in the history of the game will surely have an advantage in defending against his former pupil. If the Patriots can put the pressure on Garoppolo and control the ball with long drives, they will take down the 49ers and get to 3-3.

SF 49ers should deal Dante Pettis to Bengals for John Ross

From a financial standpoint, according to Over the Cap, the Niners would have to absorb roughly $2.8 million of Ross’ 2020 salary, yet jettisoning Pettis’ contract would save $1.35 million against the acquisition.

Those figures are negligible, as far as the grand cap scheme goes, and Pettis’ services might be a bit more attractive to a rebuilding Bengals squad, as he’s still under contract through 2021 and won’t be a proverbial “half-year rental” player.

In the case with Ross and Pettis and their respective teams, neither is being used. Why not get something, anything while the window is still open?

For San Francisco, whose wide receiving corps has already dealt with a slew of injuries and still lacks the downfield speed threat despite the presence of Samuel and Aiyuk, Ross would have to resurrect his career as one of Shanahan’s “gadget weapons.”

Candlestick Chronicles: A conversation with 49ers TE George Kittle

In a special edition of Candlestick Chronicles, 49ers TE George Kittle drops by for a fun discussion about his favorite menu item returning to the Panda Express menu forever, why the Rams win felt different, playing in empty stadiums, and his most athletic teammate.

Kittle also discusses his golf game and which teammates he’d call to survive a zombie apocalypse.