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Stats & Eggs: Did the early adversity help the 49ers?

Catch up on everything you need to know in less than five minutes

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Here’s the October 22nd edition of Stats & Eggs, a quick, daily update of everything going on with the San Francisco 49ers, hosted by yours truly.

In today’s episode, the 49ers actually got good injury news for a change regarding Trent Williams’ ankle injury - it might not be as bad as they feared.

Also, Mike McGlinchey said the criticism he got last week motivated his play against the Rams, and that the adversity that came after Weeks 4 and 5 may have made the team stronger.

“The last two weeks have been really, really hard. We got our a** kicked by Miami, we didn’t close against Philly and we should have done that,” McGlinchey said, “You have to experience adversity, you have to experience tough times in order for those kind of moments to rise and for everybody to grow together.”

I also touch on the Jordan Willis trade and remind you about a potential milestone for George Kittle against the Patriots this week.

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