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Antonio Brown signs with Tampa Bay, not Seattle

The 49ers won’t see Brown this season

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Memphis Grizzlies v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that the Seattle Seahawks were interested in free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown. After that, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson publicly vouched for Brown in hopes for Seattle to sign the suspended wideout. Friday afternoon, Brown signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a one-year deal. The 49ers have to face Seattle twice this season, and not having to see Brown in either game is a sigh of relief.

I’m not the moral police, but Brown’s track record just in the past couple of years has been embarrassing. That doesn’t seem to matter in the NFL if you’re talented, though. Take a look at what’s happened with Brown since the 2018 season.

  • October ‘18: Brown was sued on allegations of angrily throwing furniture from an apartment balcony that almost hit a 22-month-old child. The lawsuit was settled in July of 2019.
  • November ‘18 Brown was cited for reckless driving, clocking over 100 mph with a failure to appear at his court date. He was found guilty in February of ‘19.
  • In January ‘19, Brown faced allegations of a domestic dispute with one of his children’s mother, where she claimed Brown shoved her to the ground when she was seeking reimbursement for their son’s haircut. The NFL said it would investigate the incident at the beginning of this year.
  • In July of ‘19, Brown was sued by his personal chef he hired. The chef said Brown fired him because he thought “a fish head in the freezer was a mob-style threat.” I wish I were joking.
  • In August of ‘19, Brown was sued for not paying his personal trainer $7,100.
  • In September of ‘19, Brown was sued by a female trainer who claimed Brown had sexually assaulted him on three different occasions.

If Brown only had the reckless driving, then whatever. It seems like every time he’s involved in something; it goes terribly wrong. It’s evident he’s not a good human, but because he’s an outstanding wide receiver, he’ll get as many passes and second chances as possible. That’s not OK. As Cardinals general manager Steve Keim once said about weighing off-field issues for prospects: “If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we’d probably diagnose it as an eating disorder.”

That’s the end of my rant. It didn’t work out for the Steelers, Patriots, or Raiders, even though his teammates wanted Brown to stay. At some point, enough is enough.