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Niner Nate: Which wide receiver steps up with Deebo down?

Jason Puckett of KJR in Seattle joins as well

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

With Deebo Samuel missing at least the next two weeks, the 49ers are going to need a wide receiver to step up and be a reliable target for Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan. Against a leaky Seahawks defense this week, Niner Nate wondered who the team will turn to next.

“The [Seahawks] secondary is so bad and they get beat so much over the top...I’m curious what kinds of stuff Kyle Shanahan is going to employ,” Nate said, “A lot of people are saying that Pettis should get those Deebo reps with the jet sweeps all that fun stuff. I think Kendrick Bourne has earned that second spot.”

Nate spoke with Jason Puckett of KJR radio in Seattle who was pretty blunt about the sate of the team’s defense.

“If they lose, it will be because they are, right now, they’re just horrendous. I’ve never seen a defense under Pete Carroll like this. They have zero pass rush and their corners are playing so far off the ball because they’re so scared of getting beat deep. They need Jamal Adams back.”

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