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Gold Standard: Should the 49ers have traded for Carlos Dunlap?

That and more on the latest Gold Standard Podcast

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

For a team decimated by injury this season, reinforcements are needed. There’s only so long you can continue fighting while troops are going down every time you suit up for battle. Many fans were hoping for those reinforcements to come from outside the 49ers’ ranks in the form of a trade. It appears the 49ers themselves are betting the cavalry will come with the returns of Julian Taylor, Ronald Blair, and Weston Richburg. In the meantime, they’ve had to watch their biggest division rival bolster their ranks with a two-time Pro Bowler. Did San Francisco make a mistake?

The 49ers did make a trade, just not the one so many fans were hoping for. Jordan Willis could be a fine player, but he isn’t as talented or accomplished as the man who will now be preparing to take down Jimmy Garoppolo later this season. What was the team’s thinking behind not dealing for Dunlap?

“I honestly think what’s going on is, they know next year could be a major issue with the cap possibly going down,” Levin said, “I think they decided, ‘We’ve had so many injuries this year, if we can win, great, but we’re not going to make moves that take away cap space in the future to try and win this year.”

That isn’t altogether unreasonable if it’s true, but it is frustrating as hell as a fan. The cap going down is an issue, but NFL front offices are stocked with smart people who should be able to navigate around a one-year drop in the salary cap. Especially when Paraag and his team get so much praise for being great at their jobs (which they are). I think they can handle it.

Personally, I don’t think Dunlap is a season-altering player, but he would have helped the team this year and, maybe more importantly, not strengthened the team the 49ers are chasing in the division had he been acquired. Time will tell which side was right.

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