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Lynch on the trade deadline: I don’t anticipate anything big like the Sanders deal last year

Lynch added that the team is always working hard and looking for ways to improve.

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch was on KNBR Friday morning and provided a few injury updates and mentioned the upcoming trade deadline, which is November 3. Here’s what Lynch had to say:

“We’re fairly restricted, but we are always looking. We’re always trying to improve our team. So, believe me, we’re working hard to see anything that might fit, just like this Jordan Willis. You’ll see him out in uniform this weekend, a kid who came from the Jets, and we’ll see if he can give us a little boost on the D-line. Sometimes there are subtle moves like that.

I don’t anticipate, right now, anything big like the Emmanuel Sanders deal last year. And yes, that is somewhat because we’re restricted (by the cap). We’ve also used 70 players, I think, on our active roster this year, so you come in with the salary cap, but then you eat into that. And then, you’ve also got to understand everything we do this year affects next year, where, because of the pandemic, the cap’s going to be way down. I think it’s forcing everyone, particularly the teams that are pressing that cap, to be very guarded in what they do.”

When you have $55 million of your cap space on the injured reserve, it’s no surprise that you’re going to be handcuffed with what you’re able to do come the deadline. Additionally, the 49ers don’t have much cap space, and when you look ahead to this offseason, where over 25 players are unrestricted free agents, the team is going to need every penny that can get. Plus, Fred Warner’s extension is coming.

Lynch added later on during the interview that the 49ers are “always looking and working hard to see if there’s something that can make us better; otherwise, we really like our group internally. Like I’ve said, we’ve got guys coming back. If we can slow the rate of guys going on the IR list, we think, internally, we’re going to get a big boost late in this year.”

Is that boost Dee Ford? Or is Lynch referring to getting Weston Richburg and Ronald Blair back? Either way, there is an absurd amount of talent on the injured reserve, and each and every one of those players could help this team right away.

Lynch also spoke about some of the team’s injuries and who could suit up Sunday against the Seahawks. Lynch, on Jordan Willis: “You’ll see him out in uniform this weekend, a kid who came from the Jets, and we’ll see if he can give us a little boost on the D-line. Sometimes there are subtle moves like that.”

Lynch said Jimmie Ward is fresh off a quad injury, and while he’s eager to get out and play, Lynch said the 49ers would have a “tough judgment” to make and that the decision on whether Ward would play Sunday “could go right down to the wire.” Lynch added that the team wants to make sure Ward’s injury healed properly since he hurt himself last week during Thursday’s practice.

Lynch said that Tevin Coleman received a “heavy workload” during Thursday’s practice. The 49ers are going to see how Coleman responds during Friday’s practice, but all signs point to him playing on Sunday. As for K’Waun Williams, Lynch said, “there’s a chance” we see Williams against the Seahawks.

When asked about Jord Reed, Lynch said, “He’s looked good. The guy’s a special athlete. I’ve always talked about how those guys tend to heal a little faster. He has kind of beat the original prognosis with that MCL that he had and is looking really good. He’s gone out there, and I would say we were doubtful early in the week, but he’s looked good. So, we’ll just kind of see how that goes.

That’s one that could go all the way up to pregame on Sunday. He helps us when he’s out there. He’s trending in the right direction. Not necessarily speaking towards the weekend but in general. So, we’re very encouraged. As for this weekend, I just don’t know. I do know that he’s surprised us how good he’s looked out there this week.”

By the sounds of it, if Reed can’t go Sunday, he’s sure to suit up Thursday. That would make more sense, so Reed’s body doesn’t have to play two games in four days.